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Our Sponsors

Funding Sponsors

Writers for Recovery is generously supported by the following individuals and organizations:
The Rona Jaffe Foundation
The Vermont Department of Corrections
Burlington Labs
The Vermont Association of Mental Health and Addiction Recovery/ PEAR-VT
The Ben and Jerry's Foundation
Bari and Peter Dreissigacker
The Vermont Arts Council
Sydney Lea
Willard Cook
John Rosenblum
Nat and Martha Winthrop
Geoffrey Kane

Supporting Sponsor

Arts, Voice, Action (AVA) was established by Kingdom County Productions to create dynamic productions that inspire action steps towards change. Arts, Voice, Action uses the power of the arts to transform and to raise consciousness around social issues. AVA looks forward to partnering with other organizations to create powerful and moving artistic projects that reflect the lives and the stories of Vermonters. Its director is Bess O'Brien.