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"To a Woman Far Away on" by John Gower

Gary Miller

I read where you like warm climates. Yes, that's it. You and I will be crazy in love. We'll love each other so much we'll play board games and cards. We'll plant tomatoes and save for a holiday in Spain. We'll teach each other Spanish and we'll call each other just to talk about the seasonings that we're thinking of using for dinner. I'll have a picture of your naked foot on our front door and perhaps on a key chain too. I'll make up new poems every night and we'll eat them right before sex. I'll have parties in your honor and invite all the neighbors.You'll stand in the driveway and sing the love songs that you make up on your way home from work. Once a month we'll tango around the block and sleep in the yard. We'll not say a word to one another for a whole day, just so we'll miss the sound of I love you.