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"In the beginning, all I wanted was a normal life" by Jim Dines

Gary Miller

In the beginning, all I wanted was a normal life, then I found out what normal was as far as most people were concerned. I wasn’t sure I could have it, but I was certain that whatever I wanted out of life, normal wasn’t it.

Looking back, I was a sort of budding Buckminster Fuller; I cast out everything I was taught. Everything I was told was true. Everything I once thought I knew, I now knew that I never knew. From that moment forward every idea and ideal I held in my mind, in my heart, was mine, though I’d be equally happy if you shared it, too.

The truth is I didn’t succeed in casting out my ill preconceptions, but I tried, harder than most, I feel.I did succeed, though. I succeeded in redefining success in my mind to a state that is always attainable.

Even when broke, homeless, along, that is a feeling, I think, that most have never known.