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"The Fact Was" by Caitlin Ferland

Gary Miller

The fact was that all that warm weather and sunshine was making her feel just awful. She used to love being in the sunshine, feeling its warmth, smelling the grass, hearing the birds. Sitting on the porch, waving to the neighbors, reading the paper without a care in the world.

Then she went to the doctor’s, unsure of what to think. The freckle had gotten bigger, no longer round, color darkening. She tried to ignore it, but it only got worse. After a simple biopsy, her fears became reality. No amount of sunblock or shade could make her feel safe. Who would have thought that a simple freckle could destroy her entire world?

The sun was like a demon, waiting to burn her at first touch, the birds laughing and all the grass stinking its putrid smell. Back into the house she goes, draws the shades, gets back into bed, pillow over her head, as to not hear a sound.