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"If You Need Help, Here's What I Can Offer" by Caitlin Ferland

Gary Miller

I’m learning that if I need help that I need to ask for it, not just wait and assume that others “know” that I need help. Even though ESP is an interesting concept, I’ve never actually met someone who has it. Also, keep it simple. I tend to talk too much and get totally sidetracked, frequently forgetting what the hell I was asking in the first place. Ask someone who hopefully has experience with a solution to your problem, and if they don’t, maybe they know someone who does. I also pray for guidance, seeing my higher power has never let me down. I can ask my higher power to move a mountain, but I will frequently be handed a shovel, and don’t know where to find the shovel unless I ask someone, or several, someones, where it is. When someone asks me for help and I am able to share a solution that works for me, I am very grateful, for it reminds me that overcoming the problem not only helped me, but others as well. So when I need help, I ask for it, hopefully. Until I let go of my ego and realize that asking for help is the easier, right thing to do, then I will suffer, and suffering is not how I want to live my life today.