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"I Am From" by Jenn Dilworth

Gary Miller

I am from amazing people

I am from family

I am from family gatherings 

and parties


I am from the open land of 


I am from the fields and cornfields

of the farm.

I am from playing hide-n-seek

in the cornfields.

I am from horses and cows on the farm.

I am from riding in the open truck

on the farm.

I am from riding on the back

of cuby, my dad's tractor.


I am from the lake in the summer.

I am from chasing lightning bugs

on summer nights.

I am from camping when there were 

only tents and original pop-ups.

I am from jumping into the hay

from the barns second floor.


I am from the smell of french toast 

on the weekends.

I am from Penny Candy.

I am from 5 and dime stores.

I am from great music on 8-tracks.

I am from original video games.

I am from M-TV and original computers.


I am from all of the wonderful

memories from my childhood, but 

also from everything I have gone

through to get to where I am now.