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"Ode to the Tomato" by Pat Murray

Gary Miller

It’s red, sometimes too hard, sometimes too soft

I like it on salad, bread and ham

Sometimes they’re yellow, bright like the sun

At other times they’re red as a big, red ball or like Rudolph’s nose.

I like to cook with tomatoes perhaps a little sautéed with onions

Many people will call a loved one their little tomato, but I tend to think of it more as a food than a friend

Some people can make sauce from scratch with the tomato, but not me, I prefer to buy it in the can

Looking forward to summer when I can grow some for myself, it turns out ok, cherry or grape

 Hanging from the upside downs are a beautiful sight of summer

The tomato; vegetable, loved one, a comfort, diced or sliced or fried up in a pan

The tomato; best invention of God and man!