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"A Morning in the Middle of My Addiction" by Richard Gengras

Gary Miller

Goddam.  Stumble to the kitchen, down those friggin' stairs.
Find the ½ pint for mornings
Drink water.
Get sorta right, put on pants, shirt
It's 7:45.

Walk to the Center, get a pint at 8:00
And start walking home, drinking, in public.
No shame, no cares.

All of Hartford going to work.
I gotta get to work-not till 10:00.
Have a drink boys-your loving bride awaits you!

Yeah-right, she awaits something.

Fuck, I'm tired. Get some blow on the way in.

I wish I was back on heroin.

Gotta puke again.

Mom calls, says I'm drinking again.
How does she know?

I haven't talked to anyone today.