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"When I Decided" by Maura Quinn

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"When I Decided" by Maura Quinn

Gary Miller

When I decided to live

things began to change.

When I decided to stop pouring poison into my body

life began to change.

When I decided to take back control

And then surrender

Life changed

I began to change

When I decided to advocate for myself

and let the part of me

that loved me and wanted to live unchained from alcohol

Life changed

Thank god

When I decided to listen to what people suggested I felt better


When I decided to listen to my friend and say the 3rd step prayer

I started letting go of the bondage of self

The bondage that held me just as much as alcohol

The bondage that stopped me from living a full life

When I decided to accept the things I can’t change

And to have the

Courage to change what I could

I could breathe

And I started to breathe

And it works

Thank god it works

Thank you god it works