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What We Do


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We offer our workshops to recovery groups, residential treatment facilities, recovery organizations, and schools that want to discover the power of the written word to process trauma, build self-esteem, and promote a healthy image of people in recovery. Hosting organizations can choose from a variety or workshop options. Our standard workshop includes 10 weekly sessions (1.5 hours per session) followed by a public reading. Workshop participants are eligible to publish work on the Writers for Recovery blog and in our annual print anthology. We also create custom single and multiple-day workshops to suit your organization's needs. To find out more or to book a Writers for Recovery workshop, click below.


Quite often, organizations that host our ten-week workshops wish to continue hosting Writers for Recovery after the workshop is finished. For those who do, we offer instructor trainings that enable them to work along with our support, ensuring high-quality workshop interactions as well as the ability for participants to publish on our blog and in our anthology and participate in our Writers for Recovery events. If you have hosted a Writers for Recovery workshop and would like to continue as a WFR member organization, book a training now by clicking below.


Since founding Writers for Recovery in 2014, Bess O'Brien and Gary Miller have given talks about the recovery writing process and Writers for Recovery workshops to community groups, professional organizations, and government officials from across Vermont. We would be glad to prepare a custom talk for  your organization, which can include writing sessions, information about addiction and treatment resources, readings from the work of Writers for Recovery participants, and screenings of O'Brien's documentary film about prescription opiate addiction, The Hungry Heart. To find out more or to book your custom talk, click below.


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Will you post this on the blog? It’s kind of a personal triumph for me...

What People Are Saying...


"Having a creative outlet is crucial for recovery."

"It’s felt special to have a place to be and commune, socialize, LEARN, to open up my mind and heart and reveal my true self without fear."

“Very cathartic—healing and social.”

“What a great way to express emotions and a great outlet for finding one’s inner voice.”

"If it wasn’t for this class, I don’t know if I would have reached out for help."

"I have accomplished something important in this workshop...some intense retrospection; and come face to face with some issues that I had avoided"

"I would recommend it as a unique way to delve deeply into issues of addiction and recovery."

"I’m so impressed with this raw and honest work. It’s not just the material but also the way it has been fashioned into art."

“It has given me a way to express what I have experienced and share thoughts I can’t really say out loud at the moment.”

“It gives me permission to care about who I am, and who I am becoming.”

I can tell things to you guys I can't tell to my therapist.

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