An Upcoming Workshop on Recovery Messaging

I thought I'd share some info sent along about a new training program designed to teach people how to speak publicly about recovery. Here is the text of the info I was sent:

Are you a person in recovery, or a family member of someone in recovery, who wants to learn to speak publicly about your powerful experience? Have you recently viewed the powerful documentary "The Anonymous People" and want to find ways to get more involved?

Using a model based on Faces & Voices of Recovery, we have found a way talk about recovery in a clear and credible way that will help move the recovery advocacy agenda forward and make it possible for more people to get the help they need to recover.

We hope that you will use these messages day in and day out. "Staying on message" means using the same language or message over and over again, until it becomes part of our common understanding. You may get sick of saying it, but a unified message, from the entire recovery community, is what we need to do now. This basic message will help us maintain our focus and continuity as it gets integrated into everything that we do. In the future, when there's greater public understanding of recovery, we will be able to change our basic message.

Remember to use this recovery messaging any time you write or speak about mental health and/or addiction recovery, publicly or privately: 
- When you're talking to your family, friends and neighbors 
- When you're introducing yourself and speaking in public 
- When you're being interviewed 
- When you're meeting with elected officials, public policy makers and others in government
- When you're writing for your job or for newsletters, web blog posts, etc.

Flyer and registration form available at:

Gary MillerComment