Same Beginning, New Ending

Last night's Writers for Recovery meeting was just peachy. Folks brought in extensions of their work from last week, in which they worked from the prompt "When I was young..." including an outrageously hilarious portrait of Brent's politically incorrect and overwhelmingly Godly grandmother, a tender evocation of Caitlin's nana, Pia's wonderful and heartbreaking portrait of childhood, and John's delightful and wryly observed tale of young love gone awry. I am hoping folks will share some of this so we can put it on the blog. Stay tuned! We also did a bit of story time, as by request, I read part of the title story from my short story collection Museum of the Americas.

The prompt for last night (and for next week's class) was inspired by Caitlin, who said "I don't want to write any more memoir. Can we write some fiction?" So if you want to join us, your task is to write onward from this opening fictional sentence: "Before the tiny, homely package arrived in the mail that morning, Ann believed herself to be one of the luckiest people in Jasper, North Carolina."

Good luck, spread the word, and hope to see you next week!


Gary MillerComment