(Some shots from our pre-show rehearsal. Click on the photos to advance through them.)

On Saturday, our Writers for Recovery group gave a reading at Burlington's ECHO Center for Recovery Day Burlington, 2014. To say the reading was fantastic does not do it justice. Everyone stepped up to the mic with confidence and delivered their readings like pros. They stories we told were powerful--because they were as beautifully written as they were true to life. The crowd responded with visible emotion (and a standing O), and we got many compliments afterward. We even made the news on WCAX, with Patty and John speaking to reporter Melissa Howell.

We have gone so far in just a few short months that it's hard to believe. But we aren't finished yet. We'll be back at the Turning Point next Wednesday at 5:30 for Workshop. And if you are in recovery of have a family member working to overcome addiction, please do come and join us. 


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