Rona Jaffe Foundation Awards $7000.00 Grant to Writers for Recovery!

Writers for Recovery is pleased to announce that we have just been awarded a $7000.00 grant from the Rona Jaffe Foundation. The grant funds will be used to support our free writing workshops for people in recovery as well as our public presentations, website, and teacher training efforts.

Rona Jaffe (1931-2005) was the author of sixteen books, including the bestselling novels The Road Taken, The Cousins, Family Secrets, Mr. Right is Dead, Mazes and Monsters, The Last Chance, and Five Women. Her foundation also provides critical support for women writers through its annual Writers' Awards, which this year gave $30,000 awards to six writers.

Writers for Recovery greatly appreciates this generous gift, and we will be working hard to use it for the benefit of people in recovery across Vermont. 

Gary Miller3 Comments