Writers for Recovery in Barre: Off to The Races

Last night, Writers for Recovery made its debut at the Turning Point Center of Central Vermont. The first sessions of writing workshops can be a bit difficult—everyone is nervous, even (and perhaps especially) the leaders. Will people show up? And if they do, will they be willing to jump in and take the risk necessary to make the workshop a success? Knowing it was a spunky, can-do town like Barre should have given us the obvious answers to those questions—which were "yes" on both counts. 

Deb and I co-led the group, and we were just amazed at not only the courage of the writers who created and shared their work on the spot, but what they had to say and the creative ways in which they said it. If this is any indication of how the remaining nine weeks of the workshop will go, we are seriously off to the races! Thanks so much to the writers who came to share their work, and to Bob Purvis, director of Central Vermont Turning Point, for the support needed to make this happen, and for contributing his own wonderful work to the group. And if you know of anyone in Central Vermont who is in recovery or whose life has been affected by addiction, invite them to drop by the Turning Point on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8. We'll be there for the next nine weeks, and we'd love to have some more writers!

Gary MillerComment