"Why I Write for My Recovery" by John Gower

Remember when you were very young lying alone in a field or park and the clouds overhead some how resonated in an idle sort of way with images and stories deep within your soul? Of course it was silly, but it still mattered, and mattered deeply. Writing for recovery is connecting with that very important silliness. Before we learned how not to be, it never occurred to us that we weren’t wonderful. Writing for recovery gives us play and gives us heart. It suspends in midair the possibility of what might happen next. This unleashing of uncertainty moves us across the high-wire where balance only comes from moving the story along. One word followed by the next we move our wonderful life forward while the crowd looks on in awe, and balance comes not by looking down or back, but from imagining where you’re going next. Writing for recovery is recovering your balance. It is moving your life forward, one imagined word at a time. 

Gary Miller1 Comment