"Avian April" by Carol Van Etten

A dozen black birds swoop up into the sky as I gaze upwards at the clouds

Upon disembarking from my trusty old Ford Focus at Woodridge Rehab.

The air is cool, and sprinkled with rain drops during this chilly April.

The sudden movement of the flock makes me stop in awe at the beauty

And serenity of the scene, where the fluttering wings momentarily persist.

The sound dissipates as the birds move beyond the nearby building.

From within, through a large bay window, a friend witnesses

The awesome activity of the flock in flight from the nearby stark tree branches.

To observe and be observed is miraculous this fine Spring day in April!

Ever present as well are a shower of snow flakes - not an uncommon sight.

Soon, tiny mint leaves will appear as buds and then eventually be transformed.

The birds had so recently perched on the tree before departing in haste.

The symmetry of the motion of the group appears effortless yet beautiful –

A natural event that occurs with a nonchalance to be appreciated by all!

Gary MillerComment