"I Will Be Down Three Years" by Ryan J. Smith

I will be down 3 years

But I’ll be back

I you love to infinity and beyond. You should know that.

I hope you believe that 2 years down, 1 more to go

I’m missing watching you grow 4 years old. I want you to know you are more than my baby girl, girl you are my entire world.

You ever look up at the night sky, fix your eyes on the moon and ask yourself, “Daddy where are you?”

Daddy will be home real soon

I’m shooting for the stars

Open your arms, this time I’m never letting go.


I’ll be down three years and I’m never gonna stop

I’m climbing climbing to the top

It’s hard to believe I’m hated

On so much, doing time gets

So tough, I want to give up.

Enough is enough.

This time I refuse to give in

Because this isn’t the end.

Sometimes I ask myself “why bother?”

I’ll tell you why I bother.

I want you to be as proud to call

Me your father as I am to call you

My daughter. I’ll be down 3 years, but

We’ll never be apart. We’ll be together forever.

You’ll always be right here in my heart.


If I could have just one wish, I’d

Wish to get back the years I’ve missed.

I’d wish for a hug, for a way to express

My love. I’d wish for a million wishes

So I could give you a million kisses.

Above all, I want you to know

I’ll be down 3 years and my love

For you still grows like a beautiful

Blue rose. And as the blue rose

Grows, I’ll rise, too, and one day I will

Show the world how much I love you.


Until then I’ll keep searching for

Peace although I’m torn to pieces

The only peace I find,

I find in Jesus.

Gary MillerComment