"Fun" by Elizabeth Reilly


I thought my fun was over when I had to stop drinking. But just think about that for a moment:

How much “fun” have you had being a drunk?
What’s “fun” about needing a drink at 6 a.m.?
What’s “fun” about blackouts?
Having someone say “I heard what you did last night” and not having a clue about what they are talking about?
Getting drunk at an office party?
Not being able to look them in the eye in the morning?
And the “fun” went on and on.

The real fun started when I admitted I was an alcoholic at an AA meeting.
The real fun started when I laughed more at a meeting than I had in months.
The fun of fellowship and friendship,
The fun of being of service to someone,
The fun of baking treats and having them devoured-
The hugs, the chips, the greetings.

The real fun and a new life began when I got sober.

Gary MillerComment