"Take These Broken Wings and Learn to Fly" by Stephanie Hutchins

learn to fly.JPG

A victim trapped and chained within her own mind. Terrified and confused she dropped to herknees begging to understand. Shrieking with pain her hysterical cries was just enough relief. God help me” she cries out, each time strengthening with hope. Not sure if she believes, she glances up, “God help me”. The angel was trapped within the walls of her mental illness. Her chains impacted her self-worth and she lost all control unaware of her actions. Slim moments of her mania would pass; her wing could then be mended, until the uncontrollable state overtook her power of choice. Over time the angel adjusted to her broken self, strengthening her ability to heal. Developing her faith the angel connected to her God. Sharing the tragic emotions deep within her bellowed cries the victimized angel broke free of her walls. With her broken wings, she then learned how to fly. This angel freed herself.

Gary MillerComment