"It All Felt a Bit Overwhelming" by Caitlin Ferland

It all felt a bit overwhelming. I was tired of running out of my shit, and when I did I was so sick. Depending on what I was withdrawing from ,there were different symptoms. Restless legs all night, the sweats, the shits, the unbelievable anxiety. Sore muscles, insomnia, headache. The shakes, the fatigue, the rage . The all consuming knowing of impending doom. Get it!! It doesn't matter how just get it!!! Stop fuckin' around and figure it out!! You've got another 5 hours till you try to sleep and don't forget about the morning. 2 for now, 3 for bed, 4 for morning to not get sick. I have a total of 6? Fuck!! Get some alcohol , that might help, probably not. Call the Dr. again, try not to sound pissed. Over and Over Day after Day. A Slave to get it, a glutton to take it, a whore to keep it, a thief to steal it, a liar to hide it, a fake to make it through the day. Enough is enough. I can't do it anymore!! I'm tired. I'm done.

Gary Miller1 Comment