"This Is the Truth About Addiction" by Pat Murray


It comes into your life usually unwelcome and uninvited, like a stranger who happens upon
your door and you let them in because you think they’re harmless and might be able to help
But soon you realize that what started out as harmless and helpful became haunting and
So you tried to ask the stranger to leave you, but they were no longer a stranger, they had
become a friend, a confidant, how could you ask them to leave?
At times you’d put them in the closet or attic so that friends or family would not know that they
lived there.
But soon they were everywhere you went; work, home, in good times and bad times, they were
always with you.
You needed help to rid your life of this stranger, this uninvited guest who clung to you and
would not be dispelled.

Gary MillerComment