"Dear Addiction" by Vanessa Santana


Dear Addiction,
I'm writing to tell you that I no longer need you. You lied to me.
You sure did make me feel good,
for a little while.
But chasing you and waking up looking for you every day,
just to get to work or get out of bed.
Then in a couple hours, chasing you again,
And again, hoping you'd stick around for longer this time.
I was out needing you more for a little pill this time.
I lost everything because of you, most of all my two little girls.
I went through withdrawals and vomiting, can't believe how you made me feel sick.
I nearly died for you.
I wish in the beginning, you would have told me the truth.
That chasing you is never ending.
I lost it all thanks to you.
I'm better now. You no longer control me.
You’re in my ear, and … I HEAR you.
You know my debit card number,
But no more...
I'm done with you...

Gary Miller1 Comment