"Sounds Like Nature..." by Vanessa Santana

sunny forest.jpg

Looking at the mountain peak I would stand taller, But I feel like I'm falling,

A thousand feet deep

The world seemingly smaller, From my point of view

Reoccurring life events

Some images

Seem way too intense

The emotions of currents Stay and go

The relief in the rivers I cry, Washing my soul.

The trees that surround me Standing still and tall beside me. Remind me to breathe,

As I sit for a moment, In perfect silence.

The passing of the fog Lashing my face

Are like years I wasted in Some other place.

How time flies blew it all like the wind .

The sun shining upon me reminds me to grin

To Live for today

As the story begins The birds that fly free Show me how to live

As I look out of this earth Telling me more

The universe is telling me that the power is yours....

Gary MillerComment