"I Am From" by Regina Wakefield


I am from loud,
I am from hard work, smacks upon my mouth,
I am from late night homework,
lonely, alone but also driven.
I am from early mornings and middle of the night screams,
nothing beautiful, and far from serene.
I am from bumps, bruises and whiskey blues.
I am from birthdays without a soul, 
family always working or on the go.
I am from the fantasies within a girl’s room, 
troubles stay in her head and never released,
for if she ever spoke
she could only imagine what they would do. 
I am from silence never free to speak,
scared of my "family", who holds my whole heart.
The things that were kept behind closed doors;
I knew if I spoke then we would for sure
be pulled apart.
I am from a deep love for my mother,
although I never got the same compassion from her.
A question so deep with answers that scarred my soul;
Why is she white? Where is she from?
The answers she gave,
I would have rather heard none.
I am from FEAR!

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