Poems from Onen'tó:kon Healing Lodge


Recently, Bess and Gary traveled north to present a WFR workshop at the Kanetsatake Mohawk Territory in Oka Quebec. We were invited by Robin Sky of the Onen'tó:kon Healing Lodge, a recovery center on the reservation. The workshop was just wonderful, and we're pleased to share a couple pieces of writing from it.

Where I Am From
by Cecelia Kooktook

 I’m from Kuujjuaq, which is a town moved to another location. 

My grandparents had to adjust to a new life

which (gov’t) had torn their roots away.

It was a small town of 300-500 people. 

Everybody knew everybody.

We have now adjusted to a new century and new ways of living. 

There are new technology which we cannot catch up to.

And the new generation has no idea how we lived.

We have only stories and we try to keep them in mind.

I Am From
Richie Jacobs
Mohawk Territory Kahnawake QC  

I am from a troubled past by my own doings

I am from a past that I want to forget

I am from a strong family

I am from two beautiful human beings

I am from places that I want to go and explore

I am from a partnership that I worship and want to have forever,

I am from a relationship that has made me think and enjoy life

I am from a better place now with recovery.


Here's How It All Started

by Johnny

Onen’tó:kon Healing Lodge

I was 12 years old my friend

and I had stolen a bottle of rum.

It seemed fun

Because that’s all we saw as kids, 

People drinking alcohol.

After my first cup I couldn’t stand. 

Now I am here to get back up.






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