"Finally I Understood the Truth" by Sierra Ruth


Finally I understood the truth: that family doesn't have to be blood, someone you knew only for a few months could care more for your well being than someone you've spent everyday of your life with. Who are you? Whose are you? Why are you here? From a split up family, always being pulled back and forth from Mommy to Daddy. Forgetting my identity and being morphed into just another add-on to my mother’s marriage. Pretending to be a trophy child for a man that did not see me as a daughter or his own, just a piece of baggage from my mother's previous life.

Warmth, Love, Smiles, Hugs, Compassion, Understanding

It took me to hit rock bottom that I found my family. Beaten, broken, and defeated, I walked into the four walls of the Journey to Recovery Community Center and I found my home. Embraced by the faces of people who just wanted to see me succeed, who knew nothing about me except my desire to change. We are not perfect, but this is home and this is my family. I found it all by myself. I found the truth of love and acceptance. I found it; I’m home.

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