"Listen to me..Please" By Jeremy Void


I have a lot of ideas, a lot of really great ideas, but nobody cares about it anyway. They’re much too happy living in their fascist fabricated realities.  They call it Democracy, but we all know the truth about what it really is.

Me, I’m a fascist too, don’t you forget it.  The only way to get an entire misanthropic race on only one page is by having only one page to get on to.  I get it, I really do: fascism means death and destruction for the sorry few, rules and restrictions, and no more free thinking, either—well, that’s kinda the point, don’t you think?

Well, I suppose it’s all about putting the proper leader in charge—one who knows what the people need, one who’s oppose to corruption and greed, and one who is, plain and simple, me.  I’d be the ideal leader of the people, don’t you see? but nobody does care about it anyway; they’re much too happy, as I have said, living in a dream.

Me, I had a dream too; I dreamt of truth.  Or was that a nightmare I don’t know.  Either way, though, you should elect Jeremy Void as The government official, The supreme ruling force, The Highest Dictator of your entire free world.  First Order of Business: Kill everyone who stands against My Way of doing things...

Gary MillerComment