"Here's How I Hit Reset" By Lee E Larson


Here's how I hit reset. I take a step back and realize I'm headed in a direction in which I don't really want to go. What did my old sponsor tell me? “Don't open your mouth if you don't want anything bad to come out! STOP! Pause. Think about what you were going to say and try hearing it from the other side. Would you like someone speaking to you that way? NO?? Think and re-frame. Are you hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired? How can you keep it civil? Say what you mean and mean what you say, but don't be mean!”

It's taken me the best part of the past 30 years to get the high drama out of my life. I discovered that it is not nice to manipulate people into doing what you want. Instead, be clear about your intentions and ask nicely. Respect other people's wishes. Don't be curt or have a voice dripping with disappointment, anger, sarcasm, condensation or tears...all are tools of manipulation. Don't be a martyr. No one likes a martyr! Take a step back, take deep breath, set your boundaries, say a little prayer and don't allow anyone to manipulate you! Then you can feel good about the outcome and live a somewhat harmonious life.

Gary MillerComment