"In the Moment" by Jeff Morse


In the moment it seemed like the right choice.

The moon shuddered a ghostly wave.

The risk was inside an empty grave.

That is to say the first time I drank

It seemed like the right thing to do,

kind of like reaching an unknown goal

or when a sudden flash of insight appears

and you actually remember it.

That night of the beers I was about 16

on the old dump grounds.

I still recall lining up the Schlitz bottles

on the hand of an acquaintance waiter

who was working washing dishes at the Middlebury Inn,

did his best Dennis Hopper from Easy Rider

talking about Aliens.

I rode my bike home thru the wobbling covered bridge,

passed out on the screened in porch

and was off to the races.

It did seem like a fun thing to do,

lucky it did not kill me as

since I have had at least 4 or 5 blackouts while driving.

Now I hopefully shine the light of prayer on similar situations.

Gary MillerComment