"The First Time I Felt It" by Stevie S.


The first time I can remember ever drinking, at least more than just a single small sip for taste, given with "permission", I was the age of ten. I can remember going over to my friend's house We'll call her M. M & I played computer a while, but grew bored. Tried going a walk, to realized yet again that there simply wasn't much to do in the small town of Palmer. Back at her place, she suggested we try a bit of her mother's Kahlua from the fridge, mixed with some low-fat milk. It was good, sweet and creamy, with a very mild alcoholic taste to it. I drank until my head felt light. I drank until I felt funny. I drank until I couldn't stop laughing. I drank just until I knew I'd want to do it again when given the chance. Which didn't take much for a 10-year-old female under 5 feet.

Gary MillerComment