"Something I Won't Forget" by Sharon Reed


Something I Won’t Forget

by Sharon Reed


She came in the driveway in a Ford black sedan as the car stopped the first thing visible was very tall strong stature and that blue tint, beautifully coiffed hair and the smile that went in the stratosphere – in her arms was a large loaf of bread – the freshness filling the air with its begging to come hither. In the other arm a jar of red raspberry jam – and as she walked she seemed to float on air – the essence of her being assuring each step – “Just thought a slice of homemade bread and jam would fill your tummies,” she said – it of course was more than substance she fed us it was the connection of her soul to mine that fed us that day and for all eternity. Her “cupboard is never empty,” as she said, “we can’t have that,” and her live was never bounded by anything but pureness.

Gary MillerComment