"For Me, Here's the Bottom Line," By Laryssa Benner


Now, it’s I need to love me @ all costs. I’ve been beaten down, lied to, left behind, and forgotten by so many people in my life and it’s hurt more and more every time. And each time, I would add to the hurt by blaming myself and finding all the ways I deserved it even if not true. Hanging like my own pity party piñata countless times, I would seek seeks affection from anyone who would love my way. I gave so many of those people full time positions in my life when they were only part time help love or support. I had given my value away for free every time and the bottom line then was I just couldn’t love the woman I was. Abandonment, abuse and no self-worth in my mind contributed to that. So back to where we began on this piece. Bottomline, I need to love myself and that is my biggest goal and my hardest fought battle so far. But every day, I’m getting better. I may not be where I need to be, but I’m glad I not be where I used to be.

Gary MillerComment