"Hailey's Comet" by Kevin Fuller

I was there when you were born. A new man had to be sworn. Got hurt, my head was torn. Got mad wouldn’t eat your corn. Tough guy turned to Jello, being dad made me mellow. That’s when people saw me, the good fellow. Missed your birthdays turned me yellow. When you are gone my mind is a hearse. It’s like a never ending curse. I am stuck, stuck in reverse. That’s when I met the demon, drugs, bad excuses, but I miss our bear hugs. In your pictures you’re getting older. I fear with age I will get a cold shoulder. Poison minded thoughts corrupt. Sobriety halted, started abrupt. Out there I felt like your hero. In here I am a minus one to zero. Family badly ashamed. Still this wild heart couldn’t be tamed. It’s me, everyone I blamed to the burnt bridges badly maimed. I haven’t seen you since eight or nine but still pretended everything was fine. Cowboy up stop the whine. You still have plenty, plenty of time. The clock is still ticking so stay out the grime. I have to think the thoughts of good choices. No need to listen, others’ voices. I think of you every day you probably wonder when I am here to stay. You’re on the top shelf. To get there I have to work on myself. Should be a given, shouldn’t be hard but it’s a trap. Slicked with lard. It starts by feeling sad, I cry, then I get mad. To feel better I then get high, some relief I blow out a sigh. It changes me that I can’t deny. Like a wolf howl at the moon. Don’t wake up until the afternoon. I sit here all alone. It’s impossible the way cannot be shown. Blinded by all the hate. I wonder if this is it, my fate. Please help me on this quest. I swear on Hailey’s comet, my behavior is at its best.

Gary MillerComment