"The Fact Was" By Kristen L. Lafond

     The fact was that all that warm weather and sunshine was making her feel just awful.  She wanted it to be grey, dark, and cold outside.  She wanted the rain to come pelting down and wash away her tears that were building in her big blue eyes.  She wanted the wind to howl along her so no one would hear her moaning and screaming aloud, instead of inside her head.  She wanted the warm weather and sunshine to echo and enhance the way she felt.

     She was suddenly very angry at the warmth of the sunshine, trying to warm up her heart and make her feel comforted.  She turned away from it, and wished a cloud would come and hide the sun.  She didn’t want to be comforted.  Not today.  Not on this day where all there was was sadness and darkness.  Then she felt a pang of guilt, as she knew he wouldn’t want her to feel this way.  She thought that maybe he was the sun, and he did warm her heart.

     So she turned to face the sun to let it warm her as she walked away from the gravestone.


Gary MillerComment