"Blue Dream" by Kevin Fuller

Photo copyright 2007 Gary Miller

Photo copyright 2007 Gary Miller

The haunting memory of that night corrupts my sleep and dreams. The night the law came was the night our life was torn at the seams.

Wearing a mask of anger to hide my sins in an iron clad disguise. All I can remember from that night was the fear in those pretty blue eyes.

Wishing I could go back to the future like Doc and Marty McFly, this prison time is real and staying strong is the option I can try.

What was done is not alright, yet we are not always in the wrong. We were branded outlaws like in that old Wild West song.

The look in those pretty blue eyes is what I remember about that night. Please always stand firm my dear, don’t ever give in or lose the will to fight.

The confusion of that night  was hazy but turned to a vivid blur. Being controlled by addiction is a sickness and prison is not a cure.

Those pretty blue eyes will always remind me what I have done. They remind me of the good and bad and I couldn’t forget our unborn son.

Hindered by feelings of anger, hatred and heartache pain. Now I am walking with a scar of embarrassment covered with a dirty stain.

I dream of your true blue eyes. It never changes, it’s always the same. I am sorry for everything my dear I feel bad and all sorts of shame.

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