"If You Need Help, Here's What I Can Offer," by Kristen LaFond

If you need help, here’s what I can offer
I can offer you my ears
for I have two, ready to listen and hear
Hear the story of your life as you have chosen
The rollercoaster of emotions: love, pain, and fear

I cannot offer you my heart
for it is not completely whole
Bits and pieces; eroded, corroded
throughout the years, somebody stole

 I can offer you a warm embrace
Cry to let it out, don’t hold it all in
or scream and shout and put up a fuss
Then you can let it go, and begin again

I cannot offer you my soul
for I have given it to the stars mighty high
Up above, when the time comes
My home it will be when I die

I can offer you my spirit
My transcendent celestial body
My wisdom gained and lessons learned
to guide and aide you on your own journey

 cannot offer you my path
for it is well worn and beaten, my friend
But I can offer you strength and love
on your own path until life’s end

Gary MillerComment