"How Is It That I Have Returned to This Road?" by Dana Bigham


How is it that I have returned to this road? I'm back at the beginning. God knew all the struggles I had to face in this life. He knew what roads I would take and where they would lead me. I had lessons to learn, friends and enemies to make, Bible readings to digest and changes of churches along the way. He knew for He was leading me. 56 years later back at the church I was baptized in as a baby and asking for prayers for the family of the 97-year- old psychiatrist whose funeral I attended the day before. By throwing me in the insane asylum he had begun a change in me that still affects where I am and what I'm doing today in my recovery. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I still go to church, therapy and 12 step recovery meetings regularly. He prodded me into the decision to get into recovery.

Gary MillerComment