"It's Better That Way" by Maura Quinn


It’s better that way.
Better for who?              
People don’t like it.
But, that is what it is legally.
People don’t like it. They’re not comfortable with it.
Well what about us?
It was a conversation I had with my father-in-law.
Although, I guess I should just call him Bob.
I do anyway.                                                                    
He isn’t anything like my father.
And the legality of it doesn’t seem to work for him.
So, Bob it is.
He is a good man in many ways.
He would fight for you.
He fought for his country.
But don’t flaunt who you are.
Of course being who I am is part of what he fought for, sort of.
My freedom.
I used to want to fight because I was right.
Now it isn’t that I don’t think I’m right.
I just don’t want to fuel the fight.
I’m confident in who I am now.
Sobriety plays a huge role.

Gary MillerComment