"I Want To Go Back" by Donna Moran


I want to go back
to a place we use to be
where i knew nothing and spoke so much
you were so delighted with me

chords were meant to be pulled
and timing was about showing up
there was never too little
there was always enough

make the days of rain my sun shine
make me your queen of sleeting snow
no judgment no right or wrongs
no  come baby put on a real good shown

take me back to my wristwatch
when a second waiting for you seem like a day
I would change my clothes a dozen times
and then you would tear them away

Has the river of our own wants
ran the river dry
Have we done to much in the name of each other lies
You lost the woman I lost the Guy

The guy of my dreams
The guy of my heart
The guy the would wait, wait, wait
In the dark

I see you with my eyes
You have a song on your mind
I have another disguise
to hide your disappointment

Bring me back to our hollywood lights
of only you and me
both clever and kind  in our own rights
we both had  dignity

I taste that memory
of love in the afternoon
a day of doing nothing and we would write a song
You loved me and I loved you 

How do I shade the disappointment I see in your eyes
You say no but I feel the need to cry
I am not fraud, I am not a lie, I have been me all time
just me myself and I

Let me run my fingers up the scale of what is left
find the notes of harmony in my whispered breath
dark needs light and light needs dark
the same as I need you and you need me......

right ?

Gary MillerComment