"When I First Saw It" by Jason Brown


When I first saw it I was confused. The creature looking back at me seemed to be too. I was curious about how it seemed to not be afraid. It stayed in place up until I left it alone.

I visited almost everyday and it was always there. As I grew up I would continue to visit the creature. The creature had changed. It grew taller and looked a little different. As years passed I was getting annoyed at this creature. It never looked how I wanted. It was too fat, too ugly, and too sad looking. Others said the creature was beautiful. 

I didn't agree. 

My younger days of visiting a creature turned into days of seeing a foul beast. I stopped visiting all together. I decided that if the creature wouldn't do as I wanted then I would punish it. A revenge of sorts. The creature would go day in and day out with new scars and more reasons to die than reasons to live. 

Time went on as it usually does. My life went on rollar coaster ride after roller coaster ride. Through it all this creature stayed with me. I had thought about getting rid of it, I even tried a few times, but I knew inside me that I needed this creature. They had stuck with me through everything. They adapted, grew stronger, and became a champion when dealing with anything thrown at them. 

I still visit the creature everyday. I take good care to make them look nice and to let them know I love them. 

That creature is my reflection and when I first saw it I never knew how much it would change and how strong it would be. 

That creature is me.

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